Gem Gazing Ball

Dollar Store gems are perfect for this garden gazing ball idea! Get tutorial here

Rainbow Flower Step Stones

Paint natural rocks and arrange them in a cake pan for this technique! Get tutorial here

Mosaic Teacup Planter

Broken teacup? No problem, try this! Get tutorial here

Plant Markers

Grab crafting Popsicle sticks and stickers for some seriously cute plant markers! Get tutorial here

Pouring Tea Pot & Tea Cup

A quick run to the thrift store will get you all you need for this cute tea-themed garden decor! Get tutorial here

Mirror Gazing Ball

Create a faux mirror with this amazing spray paint! Get tutorial here

Plate Garden Border

Get the perfect garden border - in just 10 minutes! Get tutorial here

Sunflower Balls

Brighten up your garden with some Dollar Tree sunflowers! Get tutorial here

Bird Feeder

Upcycle plateware to make whimsical birdfeeders! Get tutorial here

Cement Gazing Ball

Fill an orb with cement and smash it for this minimal garden decor! Get tutorial here

Pallet Garden Border

Don't throw away your old pallets! Turn them into cute garden borders! Get tutorial here