What repurpose can be done with a wooden bread box?

Mary trevena
by Mary trevena
I have a wooden bread box that was my mother's and I would like to repurpose it.
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  • Z Z on Jul 23, 2015
    There are a number of ways you could use it. 1. On a covered porch for storing garden gloves and hand tools. 2. In the garage to store often used hand tools such as screw drivers, hammers and such. 3. Also in the garage as a charging station for hand held power tools. Keep extra battery packs inside and the chargers on top. 4. In the bathroom on the floor setting on it's back so one could easily reach down, open the door to reach in for extra TP. 5. In the bedroom under the night stand to store books waiting to be read. 6. On an entry way table to hide gloves and mittens out of sight. 7. In a family room to hide game remotes when not in use. 8. In a play room as a mail box to add fun things your grand children to surprise them when they come to visit. 9. In the kitchen to store pet treats next to where you feed them. 10. In any room to use as a mini office of sorts storing paper, pens/pencils, bills to be paid, check book, computer tablet for paying bills online. Whatever you need for a mini office. That's all I can think of right now. I have an old wooden bread box that I think I'm going to use for our grandson as in #8.
  • Mollee Kauzlarich Mollee Kauzlarich on Jul 23, 2015
    It would depend how big it is, but I use mine to hold all of the Wedding invites, graduation announcements, baby announcements, retirement party invites etc.... That way I know where to look for dates and anniversaries. It could also be used as a charging station in the kitchen or family room for all thing electronic.
  • Ennarual Ennarual on Jul 24, 2015
    Paint it to match your kitchen decor, drill a hole in the back and glue in a power strip. Use it as a charging station for phones, tablets etc. hides all the cords and keeps them off your counter.
  • Melinda McKenzie Melinda McKenzie on Jul 25, 2015
    I like the charging station idea. Just because everyone seems to be painting and distressing everything these days, you don't have to follow that trend. But, if you do want to change the use, and look, totally, you could pretty it up and use it as a jewelry box. Storage trays for jewelry are available at many stores, or you could use whatever you wish to personalize it. My thoughts as to painting anything are such: What if you or someone else wants it back to the original look? I've used my wooden breadbox as a recipe catch all, cards, clippings and local cookbooks inside.
  • Cheryl Yeager Cheryl Yeager on Jul 25, 2015
    I used mine as a place to put my radio, I like listening to music, this is a way to hide it, when I am not using it. and it does sound pretty cool
  • Sandi Lowe Sandi Lowe on Jul 25, 2015
    You might look on Etsy to see it's value. We just purchased one for $4 and found a similar one on Etsy for over $90! Wouldn't paint it till I found out value. Daughter wants to use it for desk organizer.
  • Freddi Freddi on Aug 16, 2015
    All these ideas are terrific. Interestingly, I just bought my first bread box, and am feeling a little 'retro'. This was to complete a 'look' with the redecorated countertop. Yes, using it for breads for now and it is very sensible. Down the way, though...have fun!
  • Mickey Baron Mickey Baron on Sep 13, 2015
    Mart, try asking @ .DustandDoghair.com I love some of the ideas I've found here. If you don't get an idea. At least it's fun looking. Good luck!