What can i repurpose baby food jars for?

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  • Diane Weldy Tavegia Diane Weldy Tavegia on Oct 06, 2017
    They make very cute snow globes! You can usually find an assortment of figurines either at a craft store or dollar type store at approx. 10 per bag. Lightly sand the inside of the cap where you'll be using glue. Glue (epoxy works best) the figurines to the top and fill the jar about 2/3rds with distilled water and non metallic glitter. I use hot glue around the rim as I screw the lids on, but if these are being given to adults, you don't really have to do that. If you aren't in need of any little gifts, donate them to a local church or scout group, etc. at the holidays.

  • Sally donsbach Sally donsbach on Oct 06, 2017
    We put a hole in the top and have our congregation fill them with loose change for baby supplies for our food pantry.

  • Kathleen Sole Kathleen Sole on Oct 06, 2017
    I grow herbs, dry them, and give them to friends as gifts. I'm always looking for small jars. Baby food jars would be perfect for that purpose!

  • Peg Peg on Oct 06, 2017
    Wow the ideas are endless for baby food jars. Small items like pins, nails, screws, etc. can be put in them with a label on the outside. Because they are small jars they are easy to place in a drawer with the label side up.

  • Michele Pappagallo Michele Pappagallo on Oct 06, 2017
    Buttons, sewing notions, craft supplies, beads, jewelry, bathroom supplies such as q-tips, cotton pads, etc, homemade spice mixes and kitchen storage, hardware in the garage, etc.

  • Nancy Turner Nancy Turner on Oct 06, 2017
    They make a good container for dressing on the salad you take to work, or whatever condiments you need. They are also handy if there is only a little bit of something left in the jar or bottle in the fridge.

  • Sharon Sharon on Oct 06, 2017
    I save almost all glass containers, with lids, then use them to store, leftovers.

  • Misty Dawn Glisson Misty Dawn Glisson on Oct 07, 2017
    Store little things in them. Screw the lid to the underside of a shelf. Jar will hang