1. DIY spoon drawer pulls

This project by Kristin involves transforming vintage souvenir spoons into eye-catching drawer pulls for kitchen cabinets and drawers. She shares their process of bending the spoons without specialized tools, measuring and drilling holes in the drawer fronts, and attaching the spoons as drawer pulls. These unconventional drawer pulls add a cute detail to a standout kitchen design. Get tutorial here

2. Vintage silverware art

This DIY project involves repurposing vintage or old silverware into art. By drilling holes and attaching the silverware to a chosen board, you can create personalized and decorative displays, such as spelling out words like "EAT." Get tutorial here

3. DIY wooden spoon wind chime

Next up, this DIY project involves repurposing wooden spoons and a rolling pin from the dollar store into a unique wind chime. By measuring, marking, and creating holes, the spoons are attached to the rolling pin using screw eyes.

The spoons are spray-painted in an aqua-blue color, and split rings and salvaged necklaces are used for hanging. The wind chime is given a protective coating and can produce a soothing and organic sound when touched by the breeze.

Optional embellishments, such as stencils or chandelier crystals, can be added for personalization. Get tutorial here

4. Silverware skeleton wind chime

Here, Heather shows us how to create a wind chime using silverware to make a skeleton design. The silverware pieces are repurposed to form the head, spine, ribcage, collarbone, pelvis, arms, and legs of the skeleton. The silverware is cut, bent, flattened, and welded together to assemble the various body parts.

Jump rings are used to attach the arms and legs to the body. You can even add a face and fork tines as teeth! This is such a cool craft for Halloween. Get tutorial here

5. DIY plastic spoon flower

To brighten up a darkly painted bedroom, Jaime made a DIY plastic spoon flower wall hanging. Around 80 plastic spoons were used along with cardboard, aluminum foil, glue gun, glue sticks, and spray paint suitable for plastic.

The handles of the spoons were removed, and the spoons were hot glued onto a large cardboard circle, working from the outside inward. The entire piece was spray painted, and a small cardboard circle wrapped in aluminum foil was glued to the center.

The finished flower was hung using scrap yarn and a small finishing nail. The project cost less than $5 to make - such a bargain! Get tutorial here