Paint it and make it a floral door hanging

Give your broken umbrella a bright coat of paint & pair it with pretty faux flowers for your door. Get tutorial here

How To Make An Umbrella Door Wreath

Make a gorgeous wreath that will cost you the same, if not, less than a pre-purchased ordinary wreath would! Get tutorial here

Turn it into upholstered patio furniture

Upcycle the waterproof fabric from your umbrella into a resilient cover or cushions for patio furniture. Get tutorial here

Use it to shade your delicate flower pots

Give shade to a flower pot by sticking an umbrella with a broken handle right in the soil. Get tutorial here

Make a dramatic centerpiece

Use your umbrella to dress up a holiday or event table in a dramatic way. Get tutorial here

Bead the broken spokes for ornamental sticks

Add beads to broken umbrella spokes, to create decorative sticks for vases or flower pots. Get tutorial here

Dress up an adorable pair of planters

Turn a pair of big container gardens into a couple caught in the rain, using umbrellas. Get tutorial here

Save it for an outdoor Christmas tree

Save your broken umbrella for next winter, then cover it in lights & plant it in the yard as a Christmas tree. Get tutorial here

Fill it with water for a real flower vase

Make a hanging vase for your porch by filling your busted umbrella with water & flowers. Get tutorial here