Step 1: Measure your front door

Take out your tape measure or ruler and measure the glass surface area that you will be covering Get tutorial here

Step 2: Arrange all supplies

Make sure you have: Frosty Adhesive Contact Paper, Scissors, Tape Measure, Pencil or pen, Measure Tape Get tutorial here

Step 3: Trace the shapes you want and cut out

Decide what shape or pattern you'd like to create for your frosted glass pieces Get tutorial here

Step 4: Stick your pieces on the door

Work from the bottom up if you are covering a large-scale door or window Get tutorial here

Next: Create a mosaic window using... glue

Allow the sun shine through your window's trace Get tutorial here

Step 1: Grab an old or unused window

Clean it first, before you start this project Get tutorial here

Step 2: Print some flowers coloring papers

You want the tracing lines to have some space - without too many details Get tutorial here

Step 3: Attach coloring paper behind glass

Stick the paper to the window by using some tape Get tutorial here

Step 4: Mix 1 tbs of black acrylic into glue

Use a skewer and then mixed it well to disperse the paint Get tutorial here

Step 5: Trace the outlines

Make sure the coloring papers behind are secured in place Get tutorial here

Step 6: Remove printouts and let the glue dry

Leave the window to fully dry before the next step Get tutorial here

Step 7: Mix 2:1 tbs of clear glue to paint

Be sure to mix the clear glue and acrylic paint well Get tutorial here

Step 9: Hang your master piece on the wall

If you want- you can paint the wall behind the glass with a light blue for the sky Get tutorial here

Next: Turn an old window frame to a beauty

Look for an old window frame This project is great when ever you see someone through out an old window frame Get tutorial here

Step 1: Gather on table gems, rocks & marbles

If the frame is not painted, paint it with chalk paint that will match the gems Get tutorial here

Step 2: Trace lines with marker & glue gems

Usea strong glue, for example you can use LOCTITE GO2 GEL Get tutorial here

Step 3: Fill in the entire outlines

Once you make sure there's no blanc spot hang it on the wall Get tutorial here