what is the best paint to use for kitchen oak cabinets?

painting 04.25.14
I'm painting my kitchen cabinets the ivory cream color with stained trim. any suggestions on what he or color to use?
  • Ellen R
    Ellen R Ridgeway, SC
    @ Brian S, you can wash painted walls, etc. as long as you have used an interior semi-gloss or gloss or a kitchen/bath grade.
  • Laura H
    Laura H Tucson, AZ
    Two coats of Zinnser 123 Bullseye primer, two coats of a semi gloss kitchen and bath paint (Behr)and my kitchen cabinets have worn----actually NOT worn---beautifully for going on six years. They look as fresh as the day I painted them. See them here: http://www.hayestone.blogspot.com/p/my-home.h...
  • Margaret W
    Margaret W Ventura, CA
    I painted my oak cabinets 12 years ago with a latex paint in an eggshell finish. Everyone said I was nuts, but they are going strong. Every couple of years I touch up a few wear spots, but not much. The key is getting them super clean first.
  • Diane T
    Diane T Palm Bay, FL
    I have done this with brand new Merilat cabinets, and also old cabinets coming out of house, I got my instructions from the cabinet store. so hope is this helpful . first you must use a heavy duty cleaner, then sand them, rough them up, but no grooves,
  • Jan P
    Most important to make sure the cabinets are CLEAN and well prepped. Some will say latex are just as good.....have never found that to be true with kitchen cabinets. They'll chip with the least little ding. Oil based is the way to go.
  • Karen A
    Why paint when you can stain & seal which last longer with easy cleaning with Murrphy's Oil soap!!
  • Brian S
    Brian S Salisbury, NC
    if u expect to actually be able to wash them use exterior grade
  • Briana I
    Briana I Hesperia, CA
    We did a ton of prep, primed and used Behr Premium " Swiss Coffee" and I think the results speak for themselves!
  • Nancy S
    Nancy S South River, NJ
    p.s. I used Sherwin Williams "linen" and my walls are tiffany blue with stainless steel appliances. love it.
  • Nancy S
    Nancy S South River, NJ
    I used Sherwin Williams on my 1950s solid pine kitchen cabinets. I painted them six years ago and other than normal wear, they still look great. No peeling, chipping or dings.
  • Sheila T
    Sheila T Belmont, NH
    think its Behr Paint, yes even their deck enamels and stains don't hold up when it comes to harsh environments .... definately Benjamin Moore! Zinsser primer is great and bet you'll love the cabinets when your finished...... I have oak cabinets however
  • Peg G
    Peg G Jamestown, IN
    Make sure you get Benjamin Moore's oil based primer. It will help the paint last for long time! I would ask someone about the oak because of the heavy grain- they might be better with a spray? Have done it and have been very happy. I had a large
  • Shawne D
    Shawne D Appomattox, VA
    Because I've never had any paint adhere well to cabinets, but notice that the porch paint I used on our screened porch wears like iron, does anyone know if you can use that on cabinets?
  • Tony W
    Tony W Old Town, FL
    most work well if you follow directions. it all about prep.
  • Laura D
    Laura D Dacula, GA
    I used Bejamin Moore oil based on kitchen cabinets in my old house and it worked great.
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