what is the best paint to use for kitchen oak cabinets?

painting 04.25.14
I'm painting my kitchen cabinets the ivory cream color with stained trim. any suggestions on what he or color to use?
  • Ellen R
    Ellen R Ridgeway, SC
    @ Brian S, you can wash painted walls, etc. as long as you have used an interior semi-gloss or gloss or a kitchen/bath grade.
  • Jackie C
    Jackie C Adamsville, AL
    I'm in the process of a total kitchen remodel and decided to use Rust-Oleum's Cabinet Transformations on oak cabinets that had been stained and sealed with polyurethane. Was very skeptical at first, but after reading 100's of positive reviews, decided
  • Jim F
    Jim F Marysville, WA
    Well im a painter of 20+ yrs. For brushing i prefer bennymoore SATIN IMPERVO (0il ) For Spraying I like Kellymoore DURAPOXY (waterborn epoxy Pretty good stuff !) sherwinn Williams has many good paints. Bear paint has come a long way but i still
  • Lisa P
    Lisa P Maryville, IL
    I painted my oak cabinets cleaning them first with TSH, then lightly sanded the boxes, and sanded with an orbital sander the doors. I used Sherwin Williams Bond & Seals Primer then 2 coats of a self leveling SW Latex Paint, can't remember the exact
  • Vanessa L
    Vanessa L Marietta, GA
    Thanks for the great responses! Lucky for me I have both Sherwinn and Benjamin right down the street. I have visited them both already and It just seemed high to pay over $60 per gallon, but now I see you cant cut with the paint. I was told that Oil
  • Addygirl
    Addygirl Vancouver, WA
    Well you use the ugliest color three different times and I assure you getting complete new ones will follow! lol
  • D. G
    D. G Kingsport, TN
    I would never paint oak cabinets. I have refinished a lot of old oak furniture that was painted and it was a major job to bring back the beauty of the natural wood. Kitchen remodeling is going through a "white phase" in so to speak and when everyone has
  • Susan H
    I would try the Rust Oleums Transformation Kit..Its says it is so simple to use and if you go under their site they have a vidio you can look at..Good Luch with your project!
  • Kelly S
    Kelly S Bremerton, WA
    Preparaation is critical. I had cabinets in a rental that the owner didn't prep right and every time I cleaned them they peeled. They also got gummy. Yuck. We have oak vaneer/plywood cabinets and I love them. I just clean them with Dawn soap.
  • Peace Painting Co., Inc.
    If you want to make the grain disappear, you can apply what's called paste wood filler.
  • Colleen M
    Colleen M Fairport, NY
    Careful prep is critical - wash well and prime. Don't skip any of the preparation steps. I primed twice and used a Behr paint. Did this 8 years ago and they still look awesome! I have never regretted it. The only reason I would redo is to change the color.
  • Linda V
    We used Valspar Ultra Premium Kitchen and Bath. We spent a lot of time on prep and used 2 coats of stain blocking primer.
  • Daniel M
    Daniel M Charlevoix, MI
    I think that priming is the most important part of the preperation, I have tried the Valspar paint and hated puting it on the cabinets, it took several coats to get them to look good. I would go with Behr if I would do it again. It is also important to
  • Pam B
    Pam B Prescott, AZ
    Vaness, I highly recommend using Benjamin Moore IMPERVO paint. Impervo paint takes two weeks to cure, but then you have a hard, enduring paint finish that will last for years and so easy to wipe clean.. You will need a large undedicated area to spread
  • Elaine CallawayandBilly Brooks
    How can I get the really High Gloss finish on my Kitchen Cabinets? I see them in stores & the finish is almost like a "Plastic" finish! My Cabinets are a Maple wood, from the 70's & I want BRIGHT White cabinets that I can wash over & not harm the finish.
Vanessa L