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what is the best paint to use for kitchen oak cabinets?

I'm painting my kitchen cabinets the ivory cream color with stained trim. any suggestions on what he or color to use?
  • Colleen M
    Colleen M Fairport, NY

    Careful prep is critical - wash well and prime. Don't skip any of the preparation steps. I primed twice and used a Behr paint. Did this 8 years ago and they still look awesome! I have never regretted it. The only reason I would redo is to change the

  • Linda V
    Linda V Broomfield, CO

    We used Valspar Ultra Premium Kitchen and Bath. We spent a lot of time on prep and used 2 coats of stain blocking primer.

  • Daniel M
    Daniel M Charlevoix, MI

    I think that priming is the most important part of the preperation, I have tried the Valspar paint and hated puting it on the cabinets, it took several coats to get them to look good. I would go with Behr if I would do it again. It is also important

    • Penny
      Penny Southold, NY

      I used Behr egg shell finish came out beautiful easy to wipe down and has so far has lasted 7 years

  • Pam B
    Pam B Prescott, AZ

    Vaness, I highly recommend using Benjamin Moore IMPERVO paint. Impervo paint takes two weeks to cure, but then you have a hard, enduring paint finish that will last for years and so easy to wipe clean.. You will need a large undedicated area to

  • Elaine CallawayandBilly Brooks

    How can I get the really High Gloss finish on my Kitchen Cabinets? I see them in stores & the finish is almost like a "Plastic" finish! My Cabinets are a Maple wood, from the 70's & I want BRIGHT White cabinets that I can wash over & not harm the