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  • Harold M Franklin, NC
    Tonya, very nice job. I like how you left the tile on the floor and shower. I've never seen a completley black bathroom. Maybe Elvis lived here? HaHa. great work
  • Roy W Decatur, GA
    As different as night and day! It now looks designed to sell!
  • Lynn lewis L Orlando, FL
  • TonyaM Williams Atlanta, GA
    @Roy@Harold@Julie--thanks guys Im glad you like the finished product! TMW
  • TonyaM Williams Atlanta, GA
    @Cas S ---I am VERY happy they DID NOT install a black toilet...the bathroom may have imploded at that point :-)

    @Julie U--The difference is amazing you can truly see how big the room IS now..with the black paint created a vacuum and

  • Jan Britt Interiors Marietta, GA
    Great job!
  • TonyaM Williams Atlanta, GA
    @Jan--thanks....it was very rewarding to see the results...needless to say the color change made the room a much "happier" place. :-) TMW
  • Susan B Morriston, FL
    Excellent job!
  • Jenni H Saint Louis, MO
    why, oh why, would anyone use that much black paint in one room? It looks so much better now!
  • TonyaM Williams Atlanta, GA
    @jenniH--my client said once he started painting and realized his mistake in color choice he felt he was too far along to go back so he continued painting! ugh!!! But thankfully we were able to get this room back to a wonderful wall color with accent
  • TonyaM Williams Atlanta, GA
    @Susan B--thanks! Glad you like it...the room is now much more inviting than the original black bathroom!--TMW
  • Sherrie S Debary, FL
    Tonya, you did a beautiful job. What does the rest of the home look like. I ask that because the black was sooooooooooooo bad.
  • Jonathan T Virginia Beach, VA
    Ms,Tonya what a beautiful job you done.I am a up and coming interior dercorator myself.It's my passion and I live and breath for it.I've been doing it for some time now.And hope that I can someday make it big as yourself.I love talking with new people
  • Starlett L Franklin, NC
    Use a primer blocker and have at it.
  • Pam D Alexandria, LA
    I would definitely paint with Kilz primer base coat (water base). It must have been like a coffin in there.