Whenever I flush the toilet upstairs the pipes make a loud rumbling noise downstairs, right as it is finishing the

flushing cycle. Any ideas on what is causing this and how i might fix it? Any help is greatly appreciated.
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  • Leon, I had a similar problem when ever I opened any faucet in my house. The problem just went away one day. But this topic ( noise while flushing the toilet ) has been discussed several times in the past here on home talk, click on the link to read the
  • Amy H Cranberry Twp, PA
    I was having this same problem. After some Googling, the general consensus was to replace the fill valve in the upstairs toilet. One quick trip to Lowes and a little elbow grease later... Voila! No more noisy pipes. This YouTube video was really
  • Jason W Athens, GA
    check the water pressure to your home it sounds like it is too high if it is above 80 psi you will need a prv .
  • Go with the suggestions above first as they are the least invasive. If they don't work, it may be that the clamps that hold the water lines tight have become loose off the wall stud. That would require opening the wall and securing them back down.
  • Hewitt Remodeling Service... Virginia Beach, VA

    Lots of good suggestions but I think we are all making some assumptions without doing a bit of troubleshooting first. When

  • Leon Alpharetta, GA
    Thanks, Tim.

    The rumbleing occurs right at the time the tank completes a refill after flushing. Everything has flushed and it is the very

  • Jason W Athens, GA
    your pressure is too high this is what i do iam a service plumber
  • Hewitt Remodeling Service... Virginia Beach, VA

    An explanation for asking the questions that I did in my previous post may be in order. At a young age my father and

  • Jason W Athens, GA
    changing the flushvalve or putting more clamps on the pipes wont help check the water pressure at a hose bib it sounds like you need a p r v