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Wood Slice Pumpkin

I found a bag of tiny 1/4 inch wood slide vase filler on clearance at the craft store and I immediately knew I wanted to cover something with it.
Enter the dollar store styrofoam pumpkin. After giving the pumpkin a once-over with brown paint, so any of the exposed surfaces wouldnt' be obvious, I used a glue gun to attach hundreds of little wooden circles to the outside and then wrapped the stem with some green jute twine. The end result is strangely mesmerizing.

Real slices of wood decorate the outer surface of a dollar store pumpkin, creating texture and interest on the surface.
  • fall decor wood slice pumpkin, crafts, seasonal holiday decor
Total cost of supplies: Under $2
See final reveal and full tutorial here: http://www.thekimsixfix.com/2014/09/wood-slice-dollar-store-pumpkin.html
  • fall decor wood slice pumpkin, crafts, seasonal holiday decor
  • fall decor wood slice pumpkin, crafts, seasonal holiday decor

To see more: http://www.thekimsixfix.com/2014/09/wood-slice-dollar-store-pumpkin.html

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  • Suz
    Suz Grand Blanc, MI

    I applaud your patience. I have 3 of these that I bought years ago. I believe I purchased them at a store named 'Loveys' in Fenton when they had crafty items. I loved their country look when added to a group of Autumn things. Over time some of the

    • TheKimSixFix
      TheKimSixFix San Francisco, CA

      @Suz Definitely! Way too much work for a real pumpkin (plus the glue gun wouldn't be good for it!)

  • Sam Roper
    Sam Roper Chesterfield, VA

    This is beautiful!

  • Texaleta
    Texaleta Houston, TX

    Read the post..she said she bought the wood circles vase filler on clearance..then came the pumpkin.

  • DIY 180
    DIY 180 Winter Park, FL

    This looks great.

  • Christine
    Christine Marietta, GA

    My huge supply of wine corks!!!!

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