Cheap and Easy Trick for Cleaning a Smooth Stovetop

Cleaning 03.11.16
Here's a simple way to clean a smooth stovetop using baking soda and a wet soapy towel. I've done this several times and it really does work!

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  • PennyS78
    PennyS78 Okatie, SC
    For those who know Pampered Chef, the scraper that comes with all the stoneware works like a charm, and way safer than a razor blade, to scrape off baked-on gunk!
  • Juanita Nickerson
    I use oven cleaner.Whipe it off good Works great. Then I use the white cream to clean it
  • Renefriis7
    renefriis7 San Jose, CA
    I just use a cream cleaner they recommend for glass top stoves. My bottle has lasted a long time, because only a little is needed. I use the cleaner and paper towels for light cleaning and a straight edge razor I bought at a hardware store for burned on
  • Sharon Seiber
    Sharon Seiber West End, NC
    I have found that Greased Lightening works like a charm. Spray it on, leave a few minutes, them wipe off.
  • Sharon Seiber
    Sharon Seiber West End, NC
    You can buy it at any big hardware store, such as Home Depot or Lowes.
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