9 Easy Decor Ideas Inspired By Delicious Candy Corn

Love the candy? Great! Don’t love it? Great - these decorations are delicious either way!

By Hometalk Highlights

Yummy Painted Bottle Vases

Show off your fall flowers or branches of foliage in these bright candy-colored vases.

Scrumptious Glowing Garland

Upgrade an ordinary string of fairy lights with bright pieces of felt candy corn and faux leaves.

Mouthwatering Candy Jars

Give friends special trick or treat jars, made to look as mouthwatering as the surprises inside.

Appetizing Antique Display

If you love antiques and tasty treats, it doesn’t get better than this! Create your own.

Scrumptious Candle Sticks

Turn boring glass candle sticks from the dollar store into delicious designer decor - with paint!

Lip-Smacking Luminaries

Wrap mason jars in colored yarn, for luminaries that will get mouths watering all over town.

Delectable Candy Blocks

Want a charming country-style take on your favorite candy? These are too cute!