15 Insanely Cute Snowmen For Every Corner of Your Home

Do you wanna build a snowman? You will after you see these!

By Hometalk Highlights

Deco Mesh Man

With some rolls of white deco mesh, this sweet snowdude is ready to greet your guests.

Tomato Cage Snow Sir

You’ve seen tomato cage trees, but this friendly fellow is something totally new!

Ornament and Jar Gentleman

Put together two favorite crafting materials to form a charming snowman instantly.

Sparkly Snow Ornament

This happy snow friend is as sparkly as snow in the moonlight & he makes your tree shine!

POM Bottle Buddy

Turn an empty juice bottle into a tiny snow-tot, and dress him up with warm winter wear.

Upcycled Can Man

Upcycle cans into a white and snowy tabletop pal with paint, paper, sticks, and buttons.

Glowing Light Up Snowman

This brilliant build will save you money on costly yard decor, but leave you with a glowing Frosty of your own.

Coffee Filter Fellow

Use coffee filters to add a little body to your hanging snow creation, then dress him up!

Yarn Wrapped Snowman

Foam board and yarn will give you door decor guests will love before they knock.

Painted Pot Man

Got an extra pot sitting around somewhere? If not, this blushing snowman is worth hitting the thrift store!

Frosty the Fridge

With card stock and felt, this brilliant homeowner gave her boring fridge a lovable face for the winter season.

Sophisticated Sparkling Snowman

The realistic snowy cover of this sparkling snowman might make you forget that this guy is styrofoam.

Soda Bottle Snow Pal

Make a snowman that looks cute and holds tasty treats, with this soda bottle upcycle.

Light-up Pallet Friend

You love snowmen, you adore pallets, just how much better can this get? Well, it lights up!