11 Easy Ways to Expand Tight Spaces Using Crates

Betcha didn't know you could do THIS with a wooden crate!

By Hometalk Highlights

De-clutter your entryway

Finish some wooden crates and gain storage space in your entryway.

Store vertically with drawer slides

Add drawer slides and crates to an open closet wall, to start storing up instead of out.

Pack more into an island-less kitchen

Short on pantry or island space? This crate caddy will pack much more into your kitchen.

Tuck away every shoe in the entryway

Banish shoe clutter in a simply stunning way, with an easy entryway bench from crates.

Add more function to an empty wall

Instead of adding shelves to an empty wall, putting up crates will give you double the surface.

Squeeze in a few more books and pieces

Put this wooden crate console table anywhere that you need a little extra stow space.

Give your porch stow space that looks great

Build attractive storage for your porch with barely any materials, then paint it bright!

Store kindling with your firewood

Dress up a few wooden crates to make your own all around firewood storage hutch.