Asked on Jul 3, 2016

I need inspiration for painting metal bed pan

SarahR WalterDeborah Wiley


I found old metal white bed pan (urinal) I want to paint/decorate and hang in my bathroom. I'm in desperate need of inspiration. Any ideas ??
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  • TateTwo
    on Jul 4, 2016

    I saw 2 on pinterest ( using the search on the word bedpan ) - one was painted and decorated like a Christmas moose. The other was tole painted with a flower and some design on it.

  • Patty Morgan
    Patty Morgan
    on Jul 4, 2016

    What colors are in your bathroom and what is your vision? I like the idea of using it as storage. You should be able to drill holes to hang it and I would get metal chain to hang it with. I would paint or spray paint it copper. Then glazing it with a greenish tone and then dab off areas. I like that rustic it. I just worry about the weight, so make sure there is in a stud in the wall if you hang it.

  • Susan
    on Jul 4, 2016

    Paint to coordinate with the room and add air plants or succulents.

    • Patty Morgan
      Patty Morgan
      on Jul 5, 2016

      Ok, it would make it even heavier so don't hang it. I love succulents and my plants do good in my bathroom. It should look so nice. I can't wait to see a picture when you are done.

  • Connie Wilson
    Connie Wilson
    on Jul 4, 2016

    You should only use Rustoleum fusion paint because some paints will not stick on metal of any type.

  • Deborah Wiley
    Deborah Wiley
    on Jul 5, 2016

    I would use a Rustoleum fusion paint in a deeper color in the same palette of the rest of the room, or use a bright contrast. If lighting is good I'd put some small trailing plants. Or some artificial greenery.

  • R Walter
    R Walter
    on Jul 5, 2016

    I still have the bedpan that my grandfather and grandmother used in their later years, worn spots and all. I put foam in the bottom and then some fake moss along with some ivy bushes and some small flowers that matched my bathroom colors. I put it on a tabletop easel on top of my linen cabinet in my bathroom. Unusual but that that bedpan is close to 65 years old .

  • Sarah
    on Jul 6, 2016

    I'd leave it in it's original form (love the rustic look). However I would write a phrase on it.... We Aim To Please, You AIM TOO Please. Make sure you hang it high. We don't want any funny business. LOL

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