15 Magical Furniture Flips Using Nothing But Unicorn Spit Stain

You're totally going to want to paint your furniture once you see this.

By Hometalk Highlights

Stain a design on your kitchen table

You can totally match your chairs to your table now.

Add color to your kitchen cabinets

The fuse of colors make this wood so unique.

Tie-dye an old fabric bed bench

Spit Stain works on fabrics too! Just make sure to seal it before you sit down.

Or add color to a wooden one

Give your standard bench a whole new look.

Restore an antique sideboard

Who says everything has to be bright and colorful? Brown and black are perfect for restoring antiques.

Make your coffee table shine

The mix of these colors give such a cool effect.

Reinvent your china hutch with stained-glass

You can leave the wood as is but still add magnificent color.

Transform a desk into gorgeous night stands

Just by taking out the middle piece, you can make one piece of furniture into two.

Update an old antique chifferobe

The bright color adds so much character.

Transform an old coffee table

Add a design for a unique look.

Update your plain dresser to match your decor

The blue drawers and decor emphasize the gorgeous wood design.

Add richness to your mahogany table

This update makes the table the jewel of the room.

Turn your coffee table into art

You’ll be showing this off to all of your guests.

Transform your headboard into a galaxy

You’ll love gazing at the stars every night.