Your Quick Catalog of Gorgeous Closet Makeover Ideas

Prepare to be inspired for your next closet makeover

By Hometalk Highlights

Before: A coat closet turned storage dump

This boring closet had nothing going for it, so it became a dump for old clothes.

After: A mountain rustic coat closet

An impressive paint job and a few stick hooks made this coat closet neat and fresh.

Before: A messy interior

The doors of this closet were bright and beautiful, but the inside didn’t match at all.

After: A pretty printed pattern wall

The gorgeous pattern motivates you to keep this closet clean and organized all the time.

Before: A messy closet with tons of stuff

In the process of changing this into a craft room, this closet had to be dealt with.

After: A bright and organized craft closet

By taking off the walls, this closet became the desk area for crafts and projects.

Before: An ugly little storage closet

Between the cleaning supplies and linens, this closet was an organized wreck.

After: A stunning linen closet

Can we take a moment to focus on that gorgeous lamp?

Before: Unused empty space

This closet worked, but there was a lot more they could do with it.

After: A little reading nook

The added loft is the perfect place to chill, and there's still enough room for clothes.

Before: A gigantic outdated closet

Built in the 70’s, this closet constantly looked overstuffed and unorganized.

After: A custom built modern closet

Everything fits in this stylish closet, and there’s even more room now.