16 Homemade Soaps You'll Want to Give as Gifts All Year Round

Yum...smells delicious.

By Hometalk Highlights

These lavender bars for mom

Mix soap base with lavender essential oil & dry lavender. Pour into a mold, let cool.

These espresso,bourbon & vanilla ones for dad

Mix coffee, shea butter & cocoa butter with grated unscented soap. Perfect for Dad.

These sizzling ones for the bacon enthusiast

Who wouldn’t want to smell like breakfast? Bacon fat or bacon scented oil to melted soap base and voila!

These yummy ones for the cheesecake lover

Make the crust out of coffee, sugar & salt and add to pie spiced soap base. Pour into cake mold. Yum!

These fresh ones for the man in your life

Combine mountain savory, citrus, & rosemary to natural moisturizers and pour into mold. Refreshing!

These quirky ones for the avid gamer

Computer game themed soap? Yas! Melt special color blocks, fragrance oil and a 6’ silicon mold.

These gorgeous ones for the graphic obsessed

Print the images on a printable skin and Mod Podge it to a plain white bar of soap then dip in beeswax.

These brownie ones for choco & coffee addict

This creation has lye, Hershey’s cocoa mix and coffee beans included in the mix. Too gorgeous!

These shamrock ones for St. Patrick’s Day

You’ll need a shamrock mold, soap base (cubed), and make sure to use color block.

These heart shaped ones for Valentine’s

Melt soap in a heart mold, add essential oil and beet juice then let cool. So sweet.

These pretty bean ones for the health nut

Create clear soap bars with azuki beans in a mold, cut in thin rectangles, place in mold & add opaque soap.

These cool fish in a bowl ones

Melt cubes of suspension soap base and pour it into a bag. Place the plastic fish inside and voila.

These candy cane ones for the Christmas fan

Melt glycerin, add essential oil, coloring & crushed candy cane to get the comforting winter smell.

These coffee scented gardener ones

Melt soap base, bentonite clay, water and coffee ground. Good for hard stains and a healthy scrub.

These loofa ones for the clean freak

Cut a loofa into slices, insert into mold and pour a melted soap base, mixed with essential oils, over it.

These lego shaped ones for the master builder

Grab lego cake molds from the store and pour melted soap base with food coloring in them into the mold.