15 Ultimate Ways to Use Embroidery Hoops in Your Home Decor

So small a material, yet so versatile.

By Hometalk Highlights

Turn it into a faux succulent wreath

Press the hoop into a piece of foam then stick fake succulents to the foam by the stem. So pretty!

Transform it into an elegant sun catcher

Place pressed flowers into wax paper, fasten it to the hoop then cover with another layer of wax paper.

Shape it into an innovative fish bowl cover

If using a jar with no cover as a fish bowl, grab a hoop, window screening & spray paint. Cool!

Upcycle it into a modern orb light fixture

Take several embroidery hoops and glue them with a glue gun, then attach pre-wired lighting. Love it.

Change it into an organizer for your thread

Cut a dowel and add at several points around your embroidery hoop.

Fashion it into decor for a girl’s room

Pull fabric over a painted embroidery hoop and sew her initial on it with pom poms.

Make it into a West Elm inspired orb decor

Grab some embroidery hoops from a fabric store, bend them and connect two together. Gorgeous!

Decorate it for your modern entryway

Get high end looking modern art just by painting drop cloths or canvas stretched over embroidery hoops.

Use it as spidery decor for Halloween

Spray paint them black, cover with washi tape, then loop the string around a knot in the center.

Build it up as a embroidery hoop snowman

Use two different sized hoops, adhere them and stretch sparkly grey fabric across it.

Repurpose it as a laundry bag frame

Create a collapsible fabric laundry bag by attaching a spare pillow case to it.

Hang it as a gorgeous fall chandelier

String pine cones to a large embroidery with fishing line, then hang the hoop from the ceiling.

Embellish it with french fabric & hang it

Stretch fabric over the hoop several times then attach to a wall molding to get a beautiful wall display.

Re-imagine it as cork hoop message boards

Measure cork board into circles and frame it with an embroidery hoop. Decorate with fabric. Genius.

Refit it as a pom pom baby mobile

Wrap yarn around the hoop, create pom poms, then hang from the fixture with leftover yarn. Cute!