Asked on Apr 14, 2017

I was wondering if anyone there know how to make homemade cleaners

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Someone give me a homemade vinegar and orange peel recipe for cleaning things but didn't give me the recipe, they just told me to use vinegar and orange peels for a homemade cleaner? Please Help Me! Thanks!
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  • Rowena McNatt
    Rowena McNatt
    on Apr 14, 2017

    All you need to do is take white vinegar and pour it over peels of 4 to 6 oranges (or lemons) in a quart jar with a lid. Close the lid and let set about a month then use the vinegar as a cleaner. The vinegar will change color to a slight orange tint.
    • Judy Thurston
      Judy Thurston
      on Apr 16, 2017

      And after i do that, the cleaner will have a orange scent? I love the orange scent. And i can use this cleaner for all my household cleaning? Thanks for the tip Rowena?
  • William
    on Apr 15, 2017
  • Joy16192955
    on Apr 16, 2017

    I make my own - 1/2 cup vinegar, 1 cup water + 1/4 cup bicarb soda.

  • Rowena McNatt
    Rowena McNatt
    on Apr 17, 2017

    Yes it will have a clean orange scent. And you can use it like you would a spray cleaner.
  • Dfm
    on Apr 21, 2017

    My second favorite web site has a list of myo cleaners see budget 101
  • Angela Ley
    Angela Ley
    on Apr 22, 2017

    Add 10 drops of tea tree oil to two cups of hot water and a half cup of vinegar in a spray bottle. Great for cleaning countertops, baseboards etc. Nor recommended for granite countertops etc. The vinegar is not good for the stone.
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