9 Eco-Friendly Household Changes You Can Make For The Environment

Taking care of our planet is essential to its’ survival, and with these eco-friendly solutions to daily tasks, you’ll be making a change for the bette

By Hometalk Highlights

Sew Your Own Paper Towels

There’s no clogging of pipes with this alternative, simply sew it together and cleanse them by putting in the washing machine.

Use Egg Cartons For Seedlings

Decomposable and with many placements for your seeds than a pot, egg cartons will hold the water for your plants longer.

Ditch The Plastic Bottles For Glass

Plastic releases chemicals into the groundwater, using glass bottles instead gives you purified water and the environment a break.

Toss Wood And Tree Trimmings In A Hugelkultur

Measure out the space for the hugelbed, composted manure, and trimmed wood from your yard.

Get Rid Of Plastic Wrap And Use Beeswax Wraps

Plastic wrap piles in landfills and animals can consume it and be harmed. Use cotton fabric with melted beeswax for reusable wraps.

Don’t Use Salt Against Slugs, Use Eggshells

Salt can damage the moisture of your garden, crush eggshells instead to stop slugs from slithering further.

Use Biodegradable Rolls As Seed Starter Pots

Seedlings have to switch pots after time, but with these paper towel rolls, they naturally break down into the soil without toxicity.

Choose Glass Over Tupperware

Tupperware will become discolored, smell funky, and hold a combination of chemicals. Glass provides food and beverage safety.

Make Non-Toxic Pesticides With Diatomaceous E

Diatomaceous Earth destroys pests by absorbing moisture from the insect’s exoskeleton, as they dehydrate and leave your greenery at peace.