10 Wreath Ideas To Brighten Up Your Front Door

Make your neighbors smile with these cute wreaths for your front door!

By Hometalk Highlights

Paint Pinecones In Pretty Pastels

Coat the bottom of the cones in craft paint, dot in the center with yellow, then cut off the unpainted parts.

Save Toilet Paper Rolls For Your Wreath

Gather 15 rolls, cut in slits, and hot glue together.

Hang Your Hula Hoop Up As A Wreath

Take your hoop, wrap in greenery, and poke faux flowers in the greenery.

Welcome Summer With A Sunflower Hanger

Dye your clothespins with Rit liquid dye, let soak, and clip on the wreath foam.

Make A $300 Wreath For $15 Instead

Pick up flowers from the Dollar Tree, and bend a wire hanger round for the wreath form.

Wrap Your Scarf For A Coastal Look

Knot a nautical scarf on a straw wreath and wind it around the wreath.

Transform A Wire Hanger To A Patriotic Hanger

Open up the wire hanger, and thread the mesh through the wire.

Cut Yarn Into A Pom Pom Wreath

Gather yarn into a pom pom maker, cut off the extra, and hot glue the pom pom on the styrofoam wreath.

Have A Versatile Wreath With A Pool Noodle

Measure out the length of the noodle to cut burlap to size and use gardening wire for the wreath hook.

Include Your House Number On Your Wreath

Plant fake flowers into a planter box and peel then stick on house letters.