Is there an easy solution for making drill holes even for hanging item

When measuring for two screws to hold up something no matter how many times I measure it is not even.

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  • Lou Anne Maze Lou Anne Maze on Jul 15, 2017
    besides a laser leveler. measure from the floor up for all the pix
  • Jane Jane on Jul 15, 2017
    1st idea: I put frame back facing up on table and place a paper on top. Trace outside edge then use side of pencil lead to make a rubbing that shows where hanger is. (You can use freezer wrap for large sized pictures and crayons will also work instead of pencil. ). (Think of the detective movies when they want to see what was written on paper that was on top then torn off.)
    Then tape paper where you want picture to be. Use level if needed. You should see where you need to drill.
    2nd idea: I use a wire between eye hooks for larger items. The screws/ nails do not need to be exact since you can move/slide picture on wire to straighten. Use a removable putty like Sticky-Tack to hold item in place after it is straight.
    Good luck and I hope you can use one of these ideas.
  • Pat Pat on Jul 15, 2017
    I put blue painter's tape on the back of the shelf,pic, mirror etc to mark the places for the screws. I then stick the tape on the wall and use a level to straighten and level the tape. Screws are put in through the tape and then the tape removed. I have used this method several times and it has always worked.

  • Sha24587388 Sha24587388 on Jul 15, 2017
    Use a bubble level
  • Ann M Ann M on Jul 15, 2017
    I place a piece of painters tape from one hook to the other on what you want to hang. With a pen mark the painters tape where the hook is. Place the tape on the wall where you want your item to hang using a level to make sure the tape is level between your two markings. Screw in your screws right through the tape at your marks. Rip off tape. Hang.
    Works perfectly every time.
  • Cindy Cindy on Jul 15, 2017
    I agree with Sharon. Use a level.
  • Jeff Smith Jeff Smith on Jul 15, 2017
    Ok Liz this is very simple. Go to the home Depot and buy a cheap 2 foot bubble level. Now make a mark to find the center of the level. Now make a center mark on the BACK of the picture you are trying to hang, now line up the 2 centerline marks and on the level make a mark where you need the anchors. So at this point you should have 3 marks on your 2 foot level, 1 center mark and 2 marks where the screws in the wall will need to be. Now place your level on the wall make sure your level is level by adjusting the level until the bubble is in the center. Now transfer the 2 marks for your anchor location. Now you have 2 holes that are perfectly level. I know it sounds hard but just try it a couple of times and all your pictures will be perfectly level.. Good luck !
  • Kelly Kelly on Jul 15, 2017
    I make a stencil, like the blue tape suggestion above, only I just use a sheet of paper
  • Liz Daugherty Liz Daugherty on Jul 16, 2017
    thank you all so much. I have the level and tape and will do it today! Although it sounds hard, I believe that I can do it!
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