Asked on Mar 7, 2018

Best paint to use on old white chairs and tables?

JanetShoshanaBarb Orthmann


5 answers
  • William
    on Mar 7, 2018

    Acrylic latex paint. Make sure you lightly sand to remove any gloss. Prime with a good stain blocking primer. Then paint. Seal with at least three coats of a water based polyurethane.
  • Dave
    on Mar 7, 2018

    I have just used eggshell pure white water based paint on a old wall unit, when it dries it’s hard wareing. Also it don’t discolour like gloss paint.
  • Barb Orthmann
    Barb Orthmann
    on Mar 7, 2018

    I love chalk paint because it requires minimal prep. Clean your surface well and apply the chalk paint- couple coats is usually sufficient. Top with wax or polycrylic to protect.
  • Shoshana
    on Mar 7, 2018

    Here's something to try-
  • Janet
    on Mar 7, 2018

    I've never used chalk paint. How does it hold up to wear? The name makes me think it will chip off and/or show scratches. Or is that the point?
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