How can an existing oak tree stump in the yard be used?

Our 80 ft. oak tree died as a result of a lighting hit and we had to have it cut down. Now I have a huge tree stump left sticking out of the ground about 24 inches. What can we do with it besides sitting a flower pot in the middle of it?
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  • Karen Hodge Karen Hodge on Apr 24, 2014
    Place a round pcs of wood on top and make a table out of it to use.
  • Wabbitears Wabbitears on Apr 24, 2014
    Watch Rehab Addict on the Detroit house that was burned. She had some creative guys who used chainsaws to create a work of art on the trunk that was left. She stained it then with different colors *like the flowers that were cut into the trunk* so it turned out to be a pleasant addition instead of a cut down tree trunk.
  • Lavende Lavende on Apr 25, 2014
    You could make an outdoor cushion to go onto it, and turn it into a seat. Maybe put in a fire pit or conversation area near it to make a creative seating space in the yard
  • Jeanie Wilde Jeanie Wilde on Apr 25, 2014
    I have a friend who had a man who used his chain saw to carve a eagle in the stump. He also stained it and put several coats of finish on it. It is beautiful. A few years ago he also carved her a stump with a cat on it.
  • Depending on how far this is from the house you may want to simply have it removed. Dead stumps will attract insects such as carpenter ants and termites. If its far enough away then you should be ok for a while. But I would suggest that you spray around the base with ant spray as a precaution.
  • Carol Carol on Apr 28, 2014
    We had 2 on our old property. One we attached a little wooden door, a couple windows and a roof overhang over the door. Then added miniature gnomes, bird baths and bridge around the stump base. Some painted pebbles to outline a path to the door. The grandkids really got a kick out of it. The other stump was huge from a weeping willow, so we painted a checkerboard on the top, painted flat rocks to look like 2 different colored ladybugs for the playing pieces. If one got lost, it was easily replaced by painting another rock.
  • Bunni Bunni on Mar 06, 2015
    I had one that I turned into a bird feeding station. Just chip out a bowled area on the top. The birds love it!
  • DORLIS DORLIS on Aug 06, 2015
    I have one in the front yard and I use it to sit pots of hanging plants or plant climbing plants at the base and let them cover it.