I want to paint the concrete floor of my master bedroom.

The floor initially the floor of the garage and has ”finished“ (smooth) surface. Do I need to “ruff” it up with a sander or will the stain stick to the floor?
q i want to paint the concrete floor of my master bedroom
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  • Sharon Sharon on Apr 25, 2018
    You need to do an acid wash. Muratic (pool) acid. 1 part acid to 3 parts water. Brush on with old push broom. Let dry thoroughly. Then you can stain. Then afterwards use a good concrete sealer.
  • Laura Cooper Laura Cooper on Apr 25, 2018
    Concrete is already porous, so you should be able to just paint it. Use floor paint designed specifically to bond to concrete. My experience has been that it needs to be regularly repainted regardless. Read the prep directions for the product you purchase. Some require specific cleaning protocols. That will be manufacturer specific
  • Linda Linda on Apr 25, 2018
    You said paint, then you said stain. Concrete is colored while liquid. So I am going to assume you mean paint. You can use a floor paint for concrete or paint + primer or separate primer like “kilz” if there are serious stains/discolorations to cover. Cleaning thouroughly to remove dust and grease will be very important. Tape off the baseboards and cut in edges with a brush. You can use a roller with long handle on the remainder it should go very fast. Whether you need more than one coat will depend on current color and chosen color. When you choose your paint ask at the paint store if they recommend sealer. Link attached with more info. Hope this helps
  • Sharon Sharon on Apr 25, 2018
    What is it you want to do..... paint it or stain it?
  • Sharon Sharon on Apr 25, 2018
    Concrete can be stained Linda after its set, but you do need to prep it by removing any sealers, old paint etc. If that is paint in the picture you would have to strip it first with paint stripper, then you would need to etch and clean before applying stain. If there is a sealer on the floor remove with manual etching machine and/or with muriatic acid.... there are lots of videos on YouTube.... https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=3bx4gXJ4jkE&t=2s
    A nice epoxy finish can be gorgeous too.
  • William William on Apr 25, 2018
    What other Hometalkers did.

    Paint concrete

    Stain concrete
  • Michelle Leslie Michelle Leslie on Jul 01, 2020

    Hi Jackie, I would suggest power washing the concrete first with an etching concrete cleaner and rinsing well. Once it dried, use a roller extension and paint with a concrete floor paint. This video will show you how to paint your porch after it’s been cleaned https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=RHiQVFdYVdY

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