How is the best way to disguise a breaker box in the kitchen?

My son tore out the kitchen cabinets that were built around the breaker box. Now we need a way tp make it blend in instead of standing out. Any ideas?
q how is the best way to disguise a breaker box in the kitchen
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  • Lina Splichal Lina Splichal on May 26, 2018
    I would hang a corkboard, chalkboard, whiteboard or kitchen-themed poster over the box using Velcro or command hooks. A poster with substitutions and measurement conversions would be handy.
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    • Etha Etha on May 26, 2018
      Thanks for the idea!
  • Cindy H. Cindy H. on May 26, 2018
    Maybe use the framework of something like a bathroom cabinet over it, but leave off the back of it off. That way, you could open the door to get to the box. (Using the front as a chalkboard, etc, like the previous person mentioned would be a plus too!) Good luck!!
  • 2dogal 2dogal on May 26, 2018
    Frame it in and put on a wooden door.
  • Millie Millie on May 26, 2018
    I'm thinking either wood slats like pieced of laminate flooring glued onto a cardboard box. a little bigger than the breaker box. The flaps on the box could be opened if needed and you could attach 2 light weight knobs to the wood strip for opening/closing. I'd attach it by gluing pieces of 2x4 on the sides that would make it as wide as the box and glue box to them. Paint or decorate if wanted.
  • Judith Verbong Judith Verbong on May 27, 2018
    Build cabinet over the breaker box like same as cabinets no seem easy enough handle on it as same as others
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