How to paint bathroom wall tile?


Just bought a we’re pretty of the bathrooms has the most insane tile floor and mismatched wall tiles...the floor I can live with..the ceiling and upper walls can be painted..but short of demolition..what can I do to neutralize the wall tiles? They r ceramic😳😳😳


and no, that’s not “dooty “ on the toilet seat😑😑😑

q how to paint bathroom wall tile
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  • Candice Gollam Candice Gollam on Aug 11, 2018

    There are some great ideas on Hometalk here you go. I hope this helps. Yes, I would agree painting the tile would be awesome. It could really be a pretty bathroom.

    best of luck with your project. Share it on Hometalk when you are done. I bet it will be great.

  • Sally Alter Sally Alter on Aug 11, 2018

    I see what you mean about the tiles!!! If you are ambitious, and have more energy than me, you might like to try making a wide box like structure with 2'x4' studs and cover it with a sheet of plywood. Then you can paint it, add a design or otherwise or any other thing you imagination can dream up. Might like to add a nice shelf for a plant or ornaments on top. You might also put up a hand rail. I would need one just to get off that posh seat! Ask about this project on here. I am not too sure of the details, but many people have posted some great works.

  • Ted Rowland Ted Rowland on Aug 11, 2018

    What I'm going to tell you, you won't like. The paint will not stick. As soon as the shower steams the room, it will orange peel. I don't care what anyone else tells You. I was a carpenter, then builder, then inspector. There are 2 solutions. One is to buy new tile, and use the adhesive made to glue tile to ceramic. The other, less expensive but messy and time consuming, is remove the tile and drywall / plaster, and put up new drywall. Use a sledge hammer to start it, then pry bar to remove it in chunks and strips. Use 1-5/8" dryall screws and drywall adhesive to install new drywall. Use 5/8" type X drywall, and it will make up for the plaster/ tile. Drywall is cheap. It will mean R & R of the sink and toilet, but you can effect and improve the rough walls. (I bet there isn't any insulation in the outside walls, and you can now install R-11).

    Always buy a new toilet seat when you purchase a house unless it is brand new. When you R & R the toilet, I would install a rebuild kit as well. (About $20.00), and you will need a new wax seal for the floor.(about $3.00 with new brass hold down bolts) When all is finished, you should caulk around the toilet.

    As a note, and this can be done at 2 different times, you can use the adhesive for tile over tile for a new tile floor. You will have to buy a spacer ring for the closet ring for the toilet. (About $5.00) This will even the toilet with the new tile floor.

    I know you wanted an "EASY FIX", but I will NOT ADVISE PEOPLE TO WASTE MONEY".

  • Sally Alter Sally Alter on Aug 19, 2018

    Hi again, I have just thought of another way of tackling your project. After abandoning the idea of putting up boring tiles in my kitchen, I have decided to paint the backsplash myself. I am doing a rough design to look like ancient stone, then stenciling in fossils like shells and leaves.

    I just wondered if you might try that yourself. Try some plaster over the tiles then primer, then paint. You might like to try different colors of acrylic house paint and dab it on here and there with sponges. Looks wonderful, you'll see, and very easy and fun to do. There are plenty of videos on line. Just type in painting brick/stone walls over tiles. I am sure you will find many good ideas.

  • William William on Sep 08, 2018

    Rustoleum or Homax tub and tile paint kits.

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