Asked 3 days ago

How do I make an outdoor ashtray?

Kathy miroSal3170064Penny Lynch


I need an outdoor ashtray that's pretty

5 answers
  • Gk
    3 days ago

    A pretty flower pot with sand in it.

  • Cathy Bailey
    2 days ago

    I used a metal box with a lid and filled it with colored sand.

  • Penny Lynch
    2 days ago

    Stalk thrift stores. An ashtray doesn't have to be something specifically and ashtray, you can find nice cut glass dishware, or saucers, that would be pretty.

  • Sal3170064
    2 days ago

    Mosiac a plate, dish or pot.

  • Kathy miro
    30 minutes ago

    How about put terra-cotta pots together so the rims meet glue them do two sets then the top one make open and then paint the whole thing with light houses or Daisy’s

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