No Needles Needed, Just Your Fingers

Guess what? You no longer need to use needles to knit blankets. While there are also arm knit blanket techniques, this idea simply requires you to use your fingers to make a terrific end product that you adore. The image above is from Hometalker Lily Oleynik, who shows us the three easy steps that are needed to get a fluffy blanket in only a couple of hours, starting with just some yarn in a color you like. 

Make an Arm Knit Blanket

Another option for knitting a blanket without needles is by using your arm. It might sound strange, but it definitely produces excellent results in very little time, as you can see in the photo above. Hometalker Adrianne Surian shows us that with three skeins of yarn you can get some amazing results. It only takes about an hour or so to do this.

Find the Perfect Size of Needle (Or Pole)

What if you want to take the traditional approach and use needles to make a chunky blanket to be proud of? In this case, finding the perfect size needle is the first crucial step to getting it right. When Lynn @ Nourish and Nestle couldn’t get exactly the right size of needle, she got creative with flag poles instead to produce the blanket pictured above.

Knit a Cute Cushion

A knitted cushion can work wonders in brightening up any part of the house immediately. This model is even better because it comes with some eye-catching, colorful flowers that help add to its appeal. This is a project that was carried out by Hometalker Carole. She knitted all of the flowers following a simple knitting pattern, although you could crochet them instead if you prefer.

Use the Diagonal Basket Weave for a Chunky Knit Blanket

Choosing the right type of stitch is vital if you want to get a chunky knit blanket to enjoy and treasure for years to come. The diagonal basketweave approach is certainly well worth looking into. Hometalker Lynn @ Nourish and Nestle used this stitch to make the blanket in the image above using US 19 circular needles and US 15 knitting needles. It is trickier than some other stitches but great fun.

Make Your Own Christmas Stockings

Once you start knitting, you will discover that the sky is the limit. There is no need to stop at blankets and cushions, as it is possible to knit all sorts of exciting things quickly and easily. Green Eggs and Goats brought us these lovely hand-knitted Christmas stockings that are fabulous for adding a creative touch to the festive season.

Add Tassels to an Existing Knitted Blanket

What if you lack the time or the patience to make a brand new chunky knit blanket completely from scratch? Well, a different approach is to add a nice touch to an existing blanket that completely transforms it. The picture here is from Karen | Decor Hint. By fashioning some black yarn into tassels using cardboard and scissors, she has made a blanket into something far more interesting.

Make the Move to Crochet

Many people are uncertain about taking the next step from knitting and starting to crochet. Is it really that difficult to make this transition to a new way of creating blankets and other items? Brenda L Herrling is the Hometalker who made the blanket shown here. She said that she really enjoyed the task of making her first crochet blanket, so don't be afraid to give it a try!

Make a Pillow Too

Why not use the same simple techniques used here to get a quality knitted pillow as well? This can work perfectly together with a matching knitted blanket in the same style, or on its own. This pillow was created by Hometalker Lily Oleynik in little time without the need for knitting needles at any stage of the process, using just her fingers instead.

Use the Right Type of Material

Choosing the right material is an important starting point for learning how to knit a blanket. Choose wisely and you are far more likely to get a tremendous end product to show for all your efforts. This effort is from Garden Up Green – Carole, who used farm-raised sheep fiber. She actually sheered the sheep, washed the wool, spun the yarn and patiently turned the fiber into this blanket, all on her own.

Make a Knitted Baby Blanket

Making a knitted baby blanket or a blanket for an older child is one of the most satisfying ways of using your time wisely to make something useful. There are many different styles to choose from. The blanket shown here is called a virus blanket. This girly 43 x 43" blanket was made by Cara Gawerecki and there is no doubt that it is a fantastic gift to give to a child. She also added a border for that little bit of extra.

Use a Blanket Ladder

Once you have created some cool knitted blankets, where will you put them to show them off to the best possible effect? A blanket ladder is a smart way of making them really stand out. The example we can see here is from Gail -- My Re-purposed Life. This creative Hometalker used crib spindles to produce something that looks brilliant.

Make Your Vases More Interesting

Knitting skills can be used to create far more than just knitted blankets and cushions over time. For example, what about knitting vase covers that you use for neat places to put plants and flowers? Mary @ At Home on the Bay did exactly this, using 55 yards of t-shirt yarn to make a couple of lovely can cozies. Two different patterns were used to create these interesting covers.

Knit a Pumpkin Patch

You can also knit other decorative items that add unique points of interest. If you love pumpkins then you can knit these by using double threads knitted as one by rotating the needles around the circle. This idea comes from Dan330. They are easy to make and are a nice way to use up any spare yarn in different colors lying around.

Knit Your Own Christmas Wreath

Your knitting ability can also be a huge advantage when it comes to getting hold of the perfect Christmas decorations. This wreath uses the same finger-knitting technique that we looked at earlier. Created by Recaptured Charm, this knitted wreath is secured to a foam center and has some excellent finishing touches that add to the appeal as well.

Create Fall Leaves

Another creative project worth looking at, this involves knitting fall leaves for a wonderfully homely feel. You certainly don’t need advanced knitting skills to carry out this project successfully. Hometalker Dan330 used safety pins to attach the knitted leaves to an i-cord. You can use almost any size of double point needle to accomplish this.

Knit Some Conversation Heart Coasters

This is another knitting project that is a lot easier than making a chunky knit blanket. These little coasters with cute phrases are perfect for adding some fun to your table setting at any time. This clever idea comes from Hometalker Brittany, who says that they are great for packaging up as a special gift for a loved one on Valentine’s Day.

Give Your Candles Some Cozies

We all know that candles add a very special atmosphere in any space. Yet, you might be surprised to see that they can be made even more appealing just by knitting some cute cozies to put on them. The image you can see is from Decor&Dine, who points out that they should only be used on real candles when unlit and for purely decorative purposes.