12 Smart Ways You've Never Thought of Using a Cutting Board

You could cut a salad. Or, you could create these beautiful DIYs. Up to you.

By Hometalk Highlights

Upcycle a thrifted wooden cutting board into a stunning beverage tray

Stencil on a beautiful design, and add classy handles.

Highlight a tiny but beloved picture with a DIY picture ledge

Rest it on old drawer knobs attached to a round wooding cutting board.

Make a Christmas tree tote from picture frames and cutting boards

Swap out the tree for a different plant, and leave it out all year round.

DIY this adorable wooden clipboard using a cutting board and clothespins

Perfect to display artwork or keep track of bills and shopping lists.

Send a message with a colorful cutting board sign

Use sticky back letters so you can swap out your word of choice as often as you want.

Keep track of time with a one-of-a-kind cutting board clock

I used sea-washed pieces of tiles we found on a family holiday for numbers.