Turn it into a stylish table

Glue a round wood panel to a wire lampshade frame to make a super stylish outdoor side table. Get tutorial here

Make a unique jute one instead

Create a cool, one-of-a-kind lampshade for just $4 using some fine jute twine. Get tutorial here

Hang it outside as a pretty wind chime

Attach beaded wire and metal spoons to your lampshade frame to create a pretty wind chime to hang in your outdoor space. Get tutorial here

Decorate your lamp with vintage buttons

Use vintage buttons and wire to create a unique button lampshade to add character to your home. Get tutorial here

Convert it into a bug catcher

Sew together pieces of netting, and attach it to your lampshade frame to create the perfect-sized cover to keep flies away from your fruit. Get tutorial here

Make a new one out of a coffee cup

Upcycle a coffee cup into a gold, cylindrical lampshade that is both trendy and useful. Get tutorial here

Turn them into summer planters

Repurpose your beautiful vintage glass lampshades as the perfect summer planters. Get tutorial here

Create a colorful geometric lampshade

Apply transparent plastic film to DVD cases to add color to your new, super funky lampshade. Get tutorial here

Use it as a decor basket

Flip over your lampshade, cover it with chicken wire, and use it as a lovely basket for your home decor items. Get tutorial here

Hang stacked lampshades on a pendant light

Stack two lampshade frames on top of one another to create an elegant lampshade for your pendant light. Get tutorial here

Repurpose the bases as beautiful candlesticks

Take apart your lamps to clean and paint them before distressing them and using them as beautiful, antique candlesticks. Get tutorial here

Transform it into a sunburst mirror

Flatten your pleated lampshade, and press a mirror in the center of it to make a sunburst mirror that will look great on your wall. Get tutorial here

Turn it into a vintage-inspired laundry hamper

Line your lampshade frame with natural cotton utility fabric and vintage-looking lace to create a pretty laundry hamper for your dirty clothes. Get tutorial here

Use it as a sturdy table base

Upcycle your lampshade frame to create a bright little plant stand. Get tutorial here

Create a charming jute-wrapped lampshade

Wrap jute twine around your lampshade frame to add texture and charm to your living room. Get tutorial here