Paint your furniture instead of reupholstering

Dampen your chair’s fabric before brushing paint onto it for a beautiful makeover that doesn’t require reupholstering. Get tutorial here

Rub gold wax onto a dollar store tray

Give your dollar store catchall tray a designer look by applying a pretty transfer and gold gilding wax to it. Get tutorial here

Repurpose a lampshade frame as a plant stand

Attach a wood slice to a lampshade frame to create a handy little plant stand to spruce up your space. Get tutorial here

Glue sheet music to your tabletop

Express your love for music in a unique way by sticking sheet music to your tabletop. Get tutorial here

Stick floral molds to your flowerpot

Dress up a plain terracotta pot by sticking a pretty clay floral mold to it. Get tutorial here

Make over your dresser with a trendy colorblock design

Remove the cheap veneer off the top of your dresser and then sand the whole thing before painting it for a trendy colorblock look. Get tutorial here

Apply a pretty transfer to an old suitcase

Transform a vintage suitcase using distressed paint and floral transfers for a lovely decor piece for your home. Get tutorial here

Turn a window into a faux antique mirror

Spray a vinegar and water mixture onto an old window before spray painting it to give it a faux antique mirror effect.
Get tutorial here

Make a faux marble tray with paint

Dab your painted design with water to create a stunning marble effect on your new, round wooden tray. Get tutorial here

Smear stucco patch on your lamp

Fake a high-end stone lamp using stucco patch and paint for a beautiful textured look to add character to your living room. Get tutorial here

Modernize old art with paint

Take old thrift store art and turn it into chic, modern artwork for your walls using paint and stickers. Get tutorial here

Create pretty window art with gems

Fill an old window with gems to create pretty, groutless mosaic artwork to display in your home. Get tutorial here

Make a beautiful floral decal mirror

Spruce up your living room with a beautiful mirror decorated with floral transfers. Get tutorial here

Reupholster a footstool with a tea towel

Cover an old, worn-out footstool with a textured tea towel to give it a fresh, new look. Get tutorial here

Decorate a thrift store lamp with stamps

Stamp floral designs onto your painted lamp to add detail to it for a chinoiserie look. Get tutorial here

Age your wicker baskets with paint

Add charm to your French country baskets using paint to age them. Get tutorial here

Place a fluffy rug on your revamped chair

Update your outdated thrifted armchair with a bit of spray paint and a fluffy sheepskin rug that fits it perfectly. Get tutorial here