Asked on Nov 5, 2012

These are my kitchen cabinets. What wall color would compliment them?

JustSueKKhomebodyRosemary Hesse


I'm considering a cool gray. The trim and appls. are white, counter is oatmeal-ish Formica w/ oak trim inset.
I'm also thinking about a white subway tile bkspl, and the undercounter lights are being changed and hard wired, as well as new lt over sink.
Thank you for posting these photos.
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  • Gillian Delledonne
    on Nov 5, 2012

    Gray might be very pretty. If you're not sure go to the store and get some paint chips....the biggest ones you can find, (or get a couple of each colour). Put them on the cupboards and see how the different colours look during the day and evening so that you can judge them. It's a big job, so make sure you love the colour you're going with. Good Luck!!!

  • You will need to take into consideration all of the other elements of the space. . . your floors, counter tops, walls, window treatments, back splash and even the rooms that may open up into your kitchen. When making changes, start by selecting the item that has the fewest number of options. Sounds like your floor, white appliances and counter tops are going to stay. Next, choose a back splash that compliments THEM. Lastly, choose your paint color because your options for colors are INFINITE.

  • Good info from @WallsTreat Studio/ Kass Wilson ! Also consider the finish on the paint, doing a vintage gray with some white antiquing could bring in lots of those tones you were discussing!

  • True Identity Concepts
    on Nov 6, 2012

    Gray would work nicely from what I can see in your photos. Comparing it to the floor, countertops, and cabinets the shade will depend upon the lighting within the space. As Gillian Delledonne suggested, get some paint chip samples, or white boards painted with sample colors you've selected for the comparison during different times of the day. It is well worth the time investment to get the right tone. If you are going with a white subway tile, be sure to get a sample of it as well and place near all of these elements so that the decicision on the paint is made easier.

  • Cathy
    on Nov 6, 2012

    Thanks to all who responded! AK: I'm not familiar with a "vintage" gray---can you direct me to a paint line or site for examples? Thx. :)---Cat

  • On our pinterest page, we re-pinned a nice pewter gray which we think has a vintage feel: We also love the distressed look of the French Gray here:

  • One more...just found this in our notes for a very neutral gray that would look great distressed, or not. - SW6192 Coastal Plain by Sherwin-Williams

  • Kirt N
    on Nov 8, 2012

    Ryegrass from Baer paints. Look at my recent posting on our new room remodel, that's the color.

  • Cathy
    on Jan 4, 2013

    not painting cabinets, just lights are in and look fantastic! So glad I had under cab. lights hard wired !

  • Rosemary Hesse
    on May 2, 2015

    Look how nice your curtain looks with the cabinets. Pick one of those colors. I am partial to a nice soft yellow to brighten the area.

  • KKhomebody
    on Mar 10, 2016

    Taupe or sand wall and bright white trim

    • Cathy
      on Mar 11, 2016

      Thank You Kris.dollar69. Afraid Taupe might be too dark. Sand might work, though. Having a white subway backsplash installed soon. Thx for suggestion!

  • JustSue
    on Oct 15, 2016

    Blue-gray is perfect. I had the exact same colors and I used a slate blue and it turned out gorgeous!

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