Asked on Apr 6, 2015

Anyone have homemade replacements for Mr. Clean eraser sponges?

Cindie EspelandSandra colemanLee Govan


We live rurally and even with a water softener and rust removing pellets these really help clean my fiberglass shower/ tub combo. I am concerned about chemical residue though and they are rather pricey too.
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  • Pocketful of Posies
    Pocketful of Posies
    on Apr 7, 2015

    Hey Cynthia! Have you by chance tried vinegar? I have a few greener cleaner home cleanser recipes on my site that I use in my house. I love them! Vinegar will help break down the hard water. You can even soak your shower head in it to get rid of all the crusties. Also, the dollar stores usually carry a Mr Clean knock off sponge. They don't last quite as long, but they're typically 2 for $1 and they work just as well. Hopefully all of this helps! Cat

  • June Kryk
    June Kryk
    on Apr 7, 2015

    Don't worry, there's no chemicals in the Mr. Clean Erasers. They're just a special kind of foam called melamine. You can get bulk orders of melamine sponges off Amazon.

  • Jan Posey Comer-Shipman
    Jan Posey Comer-Shipman
    on Apr 7, 2015

    I purchased some of the ones from Amazon, took awhile to get them (over a month) and I have not had the chance to use yet. They appear a little less durable than Mr Clean but $$ were a lot less $7 for 100. My husband used them today to clean his boat, although it took about 6 to finish the job, the boat had not been cleaned for several years. He stated they were less durable than Mr Clean but still did the job! Even using 6 of them for the price I paid, that was only 42 cents!!!

  • Liz
    on Apr 7, 2015

    Go to the Everyday Cheapskate website. She gives an excellent opinion on Mr. Clean Magic Erasers (a must have) and tells you exactly what density of foam to buy to cut your own eraser at a fraction of the cost of Mr. Clean.

  • Lee Govan
    Lee Govan
    on Apr 7, 2015

    Either white vinegar, as already suggested, or try lemon juice and baking powder mixed to a paste apply with a damp cloth. The other one I use for any scouring, pots pans, coffee machines, stoves, etc is cuttle fish that you get from pet stores (or the beach in season) just remove the outer shell and you have a fantastic non scratch, natural scourer! It is brilliant to use. Good on stainless steel too.

  • Sandra coleman
    Sandra coleman
    on Apr 17, 2015

    Those bath puffs are amazing for cleaning tubs and sinks. They are the kind that are made out of the brightly colored net-looking material.

  • Cindie Espeland
    Cindie Espeland
    on Apr 20, 2015

    Thanks for all the great help!

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