What color would you paint the shutters?

What color would you paint the shutters? The exterior color is a light yellow/beige.
Would you paint it white or another color?
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  11 answers
  • Shamrockcamper Shamrockcamper on Apr 08, 2015
    Would paint the shutters and the front door matching accent color, Navy blue, or maroon
  • Lisa House Lisa House on Apr 08, 2015
    Maroon, dark teal, dark blue, deep purple
  • Wendy Tuch Wendy Tuch on Apr 08, 2015
    Awww. just kick but and paint them a red of your choice.
  • Susanne Branch Susanne Branch on Apr 08, 2015
    I would paint them something bold maybe even simply black but navy blue would work great ... white wouldn't be noticed at all on a light yellow home
  • Kimberlee Lange Harding Kimberlee Lange Harding on Apr 08, 2015
    I would go bright...red, teal, turquoise
  • Miriam Miriam on Apr 09, 2015
    I googled houses of similar colors and found that many with grey roofs had shutters painted either a darker grey or medium to dark blue, or even black. These colors will look bold and sophisticated.
  • Tiffani Tiffani on Apr 09, 2015
    I agree with kimberlee, if you go red that would really pop against the gray & the beige color of hour house! & definitely paint your front door the same! Burnt burgundy? Oo may e even a dark periwinkle might be pretty too...but that might make it look a lil washed out. Maybe. Idk! I too have been wanting to do something to the shutters of our house, the door is a beautiful color wood so I wouldnt want to paint that but I dont know what would go good with the door & make the house "pop" in the right way! I think there are home improvment sites you can upload a pic of your house & choose colors that way, like the haircut/make-up sites!
  • Lori T Lori T on Apr 09, 2015
    I like burgundy.
  • Lori T Lori T on Apr 09, 2015
    Or how about Williamsburg Blue?
  • Barb Witherspoon Barb Witherspoon on Apr 10, 2015
    Charcoal grey with a bright front door of a different color. Red, grayish purple, burgundy, teal......
  • Sandy fogel Sandy fogel on Apr 11, 2015
    barb witherspoon nailed it!