Old push mower!

Anyone have any ideas on how to decorate my yard with an old timey push mower (non motorized)?
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  • Kar1377321 Kar1377321 on Apr 26, 2015
    Scarecrow pushing a lawnmower?
  • Buster Evans Buster Evans on Apr 26, 2015
    You could get a statue of a boy maybe in a running position that would look like he is pushing the mower... then plant flowers in front of the mower and inside the blades like he just ran into your flower bed... I have a plant here called oxalis that grows rather fast blooms small purple flowers all spring and summer long and has leaves that look like little shamrocks I love it...
  • Cindy Wright Cindy Wright on Apr 26, 2015
    LOL! Buster, I love your sense of humor, but I'm looking for something a little simpler to do.
  • Dorothy Collett Dorothy Collett on Apr 27, 2015
    Just set it almost at the end of your bed like it would mow the flowers. Add on old hat or bird house hanging from the handle. Or use it as a trellis with the birdhouse.
  • Rose Goodman Rose Goodman on Apr 28, 2015
    make the handles and any wood surfaces look vintage either with bleach or go darker with coffee grounds prop it in the corner of the yard against a fence or wall and soround with plants in pots
  • Meredyth Gonzalez Meredyth Gonzalez on Apr 28, 2015
    I like Dorothy's idea. in a garden bed,, propped up with other vintage items and flowers planted in the bed or pots.
  • Cindy Wright Cindy Wright on May 20, 2015
    Yes. This is what I came up with! Thanks everyone for your suggestions!