Any ideas on how to repair or better disguise this whole in the wall?

Our previous brick retaining wall was cracked and beginning to lean precariously. We thought it could at any point fall and hurt someone. We hired a landscaper to remove and build a new retaining wall which he did but left behind a large hole when he removed the previous wall. I sponge painted the cement to try to disguise the area.
q how to repair or hide a hole in the wall, concrete masonry, home maintenance repairs, how to, I know I could put a large plant in front of it which is my second choice I am more curious about a possible repair or some way to cover it in a more subtle manner
I know I could put a large plant in front of it which is my second choice. I am more curious about a possible repair or some way to cover it in a more subtle manner.
q how to repair or hide a hole in the wall, concrete masonry, home maintenance repairs, how to
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  • Val Val on Jul 26, 2015
    Whatever you do, it wouldn't be subtle enough. I would rather make a feature of it and tile it with some decorative stone (flat cobbles?) or pieces of broken exterior tiles, or something else you like. And then you can place a pot with a trailing plant on top (just behind) the retaining wall to soften the corner.
  • LJ Elliott LJ Elliott on Jul 26, 2015
    He could have blended this all in, my son built retaining walls for years...the man must not of had any imagination !!
  • Lauren365 Lauren365 on Jul 26, 2015
    well, it would be tedious, but I'd try to find matching/coordinating brick and brick it in. Where the brick meets the new wall, I'd put in an expansion joint. I'm sure a good, journeyman-level brick mason could work wonders.
  • Rose M Phares Rose M Phares on Jul 26, 2015
    I agree with LJ Elliott & lauren365. :)
  • Kmk932186 Kmk932186 on Jul 26, 2015
    Put a shelf connecting the new wall and brick wall .put a pot of trailing vines and flowers on the shelf to hide the hole.
  • Paticia G Paticia G on Jul 26, 2015
    I am confused that the landscaper left such a mess did you like his finished work?
  • MikkiGirl MikkiGirl on Jul 26, 2015
    You should insist that the landscaper come back to finish the job!!
  • Eileen B. Eileen B. on Jul 26, 2015
    That landscaper should come back and finish the job or give your money back so you can get a mason to fix it properly
  • Debra Sites Debra Sites on Jul 26, 2015
    you could try and find bricks to match your house and fill it in
  • Wendy Wendy on Jul 26, 2015
    I agree the landscaper should come back and finish it or he should have hired a mason to fix it. I do not know if it is the picture but the wall still looks like it is leaning.
  • Dorothy Collett Dorothy Collett on Jul 26, 2015
    It's hard to marry apples to oranges! I wonder why the landscaper did not start the replacement wall further forward so the gap would be covered. If he did not use adhesive the wall end could be taken down and rebuilt with a curve forward to cover the recessed gap at the top. Or tie in a column of wall stone in front of the corner ( with a larger cap) to both cover the gap and add visual interest. It would look best if the column is higher by the 4" of the capstone.
  • Gillian Claire Gillian Claire on Jul 26, 2015
    Qlazy man who did the job. Probably found it too difficult to do so just left it. I would put a big pot with a creeper to grow over the space. An evergreen would be ideal.
  • Stefan Stefan on Jul 26, 2015
    A tile man can fix this, he would know where to find and match the bricks and has the tools to make it look very good.
  • Lorraine Lorraine on Jul 26, 2015
    If you can't get the guy to fix it, and it's not going to cause structural damage plant either a cascading plant,a potted climber, or both.
  • Sally Sally on Jul 26, 2015
    Gillian Claire nailed it. A lazy inexperienced landscaper who didn't even acknowledge the extent of the damage or apologize. My husband paid him in full and doesn't think the damage is as unsightly as I do. He refused to ask the young man to fix it and so we have lived with it. Now we are looking to sell the house and it is glaring at us. THANK YOU SO MUCH FOR YOUR SYMPATHY AND IDEAS!!!
  • Kathleen Kathleen on Jul 26, 2015
    How about a wood post frame.
  • Z Z on Jul 26, 2015
    I'd be furious Sally. Either he didn't know, or didn't care, that these type of landscape wall bricks stack slightly back of the row below so the wall should have been started at the far left edge of the brick by the door. Because you are planning on selling your home, I'd hire someone else to fix it. If you happened to keep any of the brick from the retaining wall that was removed, I'd use that. An experienced brick layer will know how to blend it into the rest of the wall by chipping away the half bricks and replacing them with hole bricks. I'm so sorry this happened to you.
  • Alton Alton on Jul 26, 2015
    Take retainer block's that match that wall , cut and make an inside corner .
  • Renata Renata on Jul 28, 2015
    I for one am in love with that fairy door that lady made on her rotted tree. Would that work? Or you could use outdoor paint and paint a waterfall on the brick.
  • Melly Melly on Jul 29, 2015
    I'm wondering if a brick mason should have been hired to fix the wall before the landscaping wall was installed. At this point, I would call a mason and see if bricks could be set into place. Even if you couldn't get an exact match, I bet you could get very close.
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