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I want to know how to build a butterfly area within my lanai?
Deborah Lightfield Deborah Lightfield Answered on Aug 02, 2018

I want to build a pretty yet functional area within my screened in lanai for butterflies to build their cocoons and let them mature into butterflies within a safe are... See more

Has anyone had experiance using Behr Granite Grip concrete coating?
Cel14450400 Cel14450400 Answered on Jul 16, 2023

I was wondering if anyone has tried using Behr Granite Grip concrete coating. Does it really make concrete look like pebbles? How do I figure how much I need? Is it h... See more

Temporary enclosure for half of patio
Gan28328672 Gan28328672 Answered on Nov 04, 2017

what ideas could we use for winter to block part of our patio from wind? We don't want to spend a lot of $ because we want to take down in Spring/Summer

Looking for something on winterizing an apartment balcony?
Kassey Kassey Answered on Nov 05, 2017

Looking for something on winterizing an apartment balcony. I have to bring my plants in for the winter and I have way too many to bring them all inside. My balcony is... See more

How to winterize my porch?
Patty Cronin Price Patty Cronin Price Answered on Oct 30, 2016

I have a screen-in back porch which I love. It's pretty old and rickety, but I got a new roof and some siding on the bottom part of it. I need to keep the snow out t... See more

Winterizing a screened back porch
Jan Jan Answered on Jun 16, 2016

Every fall I enclose my screened in back porch with plastic to keep snow out. And in the spring I remove the plastic, laths, and staples....a pain! Does anyone hav... See more

Pavers or flagstone?
Seth F Seth F Answered on Mar 22, 2016

Im in the process or building a fairly large patio in my backyard. Its going to be roughly 40' X 20'. Im trying to decide between some sort of paver or flagstone. If ... See more