Create a Feminine and Girl Look

Purchase a satin finish paint and be sure to sand down the dresser for a pretty in pink vibe. Get tutorial here

Make Your Dresser French and Posh

Create a fresh french dresser with cursive stencils and shimmering metallic paint. Get tutorial here

Splatter Paint For A Vibrant Appearance

Coat plastic over Kristi Kuehl Pure Home Paint to recreate this colorful artistic design. Get tutorial here

Pair Black And Gold Together For A Chic Cabin

Use General Finishes Lamp Black and Rustoleum Gold to make your cabinet sleek and modern. Get tutorial here

Transform Your Bureau Into A Car

Use cardstock, plastic lids, cardboard, and paint to recreate the car of your dreams. Get tutorial here

Do A Honeycomb Design On Your Wardrobe

Add wood trimming and wood glue to form a honeycomb hive sweet for a bumblebee. Get tutorial here

Use Paper Bags And Clip Art

Modge Podge on ripped paper bags, spray paint your color of choice, and finish of the drawers with your favorite clip art for detail. Get tutorial here

Be Patriotic, And Paint The Flag

Let your country flag be out and proud by using Olde Century Colors and staining the dresser before sealing it. Get tutorial here

Be Poetic, And Include Your Favorite Quote

Use a Silhouette Cutter and attached to the bureau with adhesive spray. Get tutorial here

Incorporate Drywall Compound For Texture

Use a stencil as your guide as you smear drywall compound all over your cellarette. Get tutorial here