Asked on Aug 12, 2018

Umbrella Stand Fix?

Sweet pea
by Sweet pea

Can someone explain what plumbing parts I need to make a 1" pipe (which fits thru the hole in my patio table) fit snuggly in the 2" hole in the umbrella stand base. (see picture from the internet) where they hammered a malleable iron bushing into a rigid umbrella stand?

malleable bushing hammered into umbrella stand

My patio table that was just repaired. Unfortunately the table hole was too small to fit the 1-1/2 inch pole. It will accept a 1" pole. I need to find the plumbing fittings that will accept the 1" pole that will fit snug into the 2" umbrella stand.

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  • Alice Alice on Aug 12, 2018

    perhaps ask at the big box store by you. An employee would be familiar with the various fittings in the store for you.

  • Mary Mary on Aug 12, 2018
    Use PVC pipe that comes in lots and lots of sizes, and they have connectors to fit a larger to smaller hole. Go to any Home Depot/Menards/Lowes store and go where they have PVC pipes. In that dept., find someone that works there. Bring your pictures (on a phone if possible) to show them what you need. I did that with problems in my basement piping and they sold me what I needed. Another best thing about PVC pipes.. they are cheap and very sturdy.
  • Sweet pea Sweet pea on Aug 12, 2018

    I have tried the box stores, they just look at me like I have 3 heads and run off to lunch!!! Not sure about pvc. Would it be sturdy enough to withstand high winds. Don't want to find the umbrella in my neighbors yard :-)

  • Nancy Turner Nancy Turner on Aug 13, 2018

    All you should need is the inside dimension of the pipe fitting in the opening. With the picture you have, and that dimension, an associate at home depot, Menards, etc. should be able to help you find PVC pipe that will fit down the existing pipe. If that is a larger dimension than what will fit in the hole in the table, they have connections that you can use to reduce the dimension to the size you need. If the pipe goes all the way in the pipe of the stand, it should hold up to the wind really well, but I have had umbrellas pop out of the stands that they came with, so nothing is probably infallible. Once you have the pipe set up you can paint the pipe with whatever color paint for plastics that you want to go with your décor. I hope this helped you, Sweet Pea!

  • Sweet pea Sweet pea on Aug 13, 2018

    thank you all for your suggestions, I will try the box stores one more time. hopefully I'll get lucky.