Countertop Scratches and Deep Cuts

When my son still lived at home he decided it was easier to cut without a cutting board! Does anyone have any ideas on how to fix these so they won't show and will stay on when wiping the countertop off? I have the old countertop, maybe formica?
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  • Marilyn Highley Marilyn Highley on Oct 05, 2013
    Formica or WilsonArt or other brand laminates are made from several layers of paper, some plastic resin, and then pressed under heat. So, if the countertop is made from laminate, and cut goes through that paper, there is no quick fix. There are some new paint/epoxy kits at the home repair stores, but they are to add a new surface on top of the existing surface, so you'd be changing color and have to do the entire countertop.

  • Hamtil Construction LLC Hamtil Construction LLC on Oct 07, 2013
    I doubt you will find a good solution to patch the tops, but perhaps try a search for a plastic laminate repair kit. Once, we used it to patch a small hole in a laminate top which was made by a nail. Don't recall the brand, as it came from the countertop fabricator shop. The kit has an epoxy resin and can be color "matched" (blended) - you might be able to apply to fill the gouges and then use a single edge razor blade to scrape it off. Another product which MAY work is countertop stone epoxy. Such as what a granite installer uses to seam slabs together. This is just pure speculation, however.

  • Charlotte Belange Charlotte Belange on Mar 08, 2015
    Tell son to replace counter top. You'r never to old to learn a lesson. Hard lesson to learn but he'd never do something like it again.

  • Amber Perry Shank Amber Perry Shank on Apr 13, 2017
    WWW.EZFAUXDECOR.COM peel and stick marble/granite and stainless steel films

    • Johnavallance82 Johnavallance82 on Apr 24, 2022

      Use a cutting board over the area or have one of the Kitchen Magic people (replace with an overlay kitchen worktop)