Asked on May 17, 2013

Does anyone know how to clean a very dirty "fawn" color leather couch?

Pamela Salo
by Pamela Salo
When I bought these two couches in 1999, they cost me like $6,000+. The back cushions are not tacked down by anything and they are always getting squished down and well the thing looks sloppy (wish I'd known that they would do that before I purchased them! Que Sera, Sera!) and now with 3 toddler boys and others the color doesn't even look like what it was. They've been pretty beaten up; however, the frame is strong and they were expensive, what to do or is there anything I can do? They have been cleaned by people using the worst things so they are really in bad shape as far as the leather goes. Is there a way to re-stain them? (Though every scratch in the leather will show up pronounced, wow, I'm talking myself out of this!)
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