Asked on Aug 11, 2014

Natural Flea Spray for 6 week old Puppy

Loraine Warren
by Loraine Warren
I got a 6 week old puppy that has fleas bad and I have used a flea comb on her already but she still has some so I need something mild to put on her to get rid of them. She is to young for commerical flea onitments yet.
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  • When our puppy was young we had the very same issue. We found that using a good quality shampoo keeping it on his fur killed them. We did not use chemical enhanced soaps. My wife works for L'Oreal so our dog and horse are pampered with their products. Dipping the dog does not work. Just soap up, leave on for about a min or so. And rinse. Puppy smells great, his worth it, lol And no fleas. We have also found it makes easy work of removal of ticks as it appears to kill them as well. .
  • Dawn  MW Dawn MW on Aug 12, 2014
    Initially I would bathe him in blue Dawn liquid soap....just a small amount. It will kill the fleas, then follow with a Puppy quality flea shampoo. (Capstar is a tablet that will call fleas immediately too but not sure if you can use that on a puppy that young)
  • Kristine Kristine on Aug 16, 2015
    It doesn't get more natural than this: Bathe her first with a mild shampoo. It does NOT need to be a flea/tick shampoo, an ordinary organic baby shampoo is fine. When she is fully dry, lightly dust her with food grade Diatomaceous Earth. Rub it into her skin, starting at the neck and working your way down her body and tail. You do not need to apply liberally, a tiny amount is more than enough. Try to keep her from breathing it in, as it is very dusty. Just lightly dip your gloved hands into the D.E. and rub her down with it (I wear gloves because D.E. is very drying to my skin). If she licks herself after you've applied the D.E, don't worry. It's perfectly safe. This is why you want the food-grade version. In fact, digesting a little of it is actually good for her because D.E. is a natural dewormer and can also help with common digestion issues that most puppies experience. Also, I would sprinkle a little D.E. all around the outside perimeter of the house. You will eliminate fleas and ticks from your property for the entire season with just one treatment. I no longer purchase flea or tick control for my dogs or cats, as a little D.E. around the outside of the house takes care of all those pesky bugs. You can purchase food grade D.E. at most equine and/or poultry supply stores. Just be sure you specifically buy the food-grade version.
  • Sharon Sharon on May 07, 2017

    Also when you wash your pet start on the head, do the ears, cause the fleas run in and hide, LOL. Work towards the butt. Change puppy bedding every 9 days thats when flea eggs hatch. I shake out every other day.

    I also treat the carpet and couches with laundry borax that I put in a glass jar and perforate the lid with nail holes. Shake out, wait 3 hours, vacumn up. Won't hurt pets or you. I do this every 9 days if we are having fleas.

  • Imp22013828 Imp22013828 on Jun 07, 2017

    I have used for the indoor surroundings of home raid in the purple can for fleas. It is around 7 dollars and has a nice smell. Do this to house the same day of fleabath and read instructions as to how long pet return to room is safe.

  • Kmdreamer Kmdreamer on Jul 07, 2017

    give her a bath with dawn dish soap soap up really well

  • DeAnna Bauknecht Bush DeAnna Bauknecht Bush on Jul 13, 2019

    Only Natural Pet All-in-One Flea Remedy is a powder made from calcium carbonate, geraniol and peppermint oil that is safe for use on dogs and cats as well as around the home.

  • Samantha Samantha on Sep 29, 2020

    Dawn strips the natural oil from a dogs hair. Seresto collars can be used on puppies 7 weeks or older. It worked wonders on my husky.

  • Ann48742136 Ann48742136 on Sep 30, 2020

    My dog also had a flea problem actually. I was feeling so bad for him. I was just looking at his eyes and i could mention the pain in his eyes. Any spray i was trying to use, wasn't effective enough actually. Or he didn't like a certain spray and didn't allow me to get close to him with those spays. The most absurd thing, is that the most effective and the spray that even he liked, was a spray for plants. I read about it on I was really surprised that it helped him so much.