What are the top uses for white vinegar? How do you use it for clean7n

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  • Janet Pizaro Janet Pizaro on Mar 16, 2018

  • Cindy Hagemann Cindy Hagemann on Mar 16, 2018
    I use it to clean my luxury vinyl plank floors - with warm water.

  • Amanda Amanda on Mar 16, 2018
    HI Dee. I use vinegar with baking soda to clean my shower, sinks, and oven. When I clean my carpets I also add a little to the rinse water to freshen the carpets up.

  • Acd31245600 Acd31245600 on Mar 17, 2018
    it takes away the smell of urine from dogs and cats, so they do not urinate again at that spot. Also it is good to clean hamster/rabbit cages, the chalky spots will dissolve. Their urine contains much chalk.

  • Ith10959506 Ith10959506 on Mar 17, 2018
    I clean my fruits and vegetables with vinegar and water.