How can I clean mildew and algae stains from lanai screens?

by Rainy

I need to clean screens green with algae and deck with mold, but there are beautiful butterfly plants very close to the screens. I don’t want to harm them. Help!

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  • Bijous Bijous on Nov 15, 2018

    Hi. Water your plants well, then use a scrub brush on a pole, hot water and regular dish soap. Rinse well. That's it.

    • Rainy Rainy on Nov 15, 2018

      Thank you so much. I was thinking only spray mildew remover. Your way makes so much more sense!

  • Roberta Rhodes Roberta Rhodes on Nov 15, 2018

    i had a deck and screened in porch by my pool. I had to use soapy (dish soap) bleach treated water and a sponge for hand cleaning screens. No SCRUBBING is required, just make sure you cover all the surface with a firm wipe with the sponge and cleanser . Your screens appear to be laden with green mold or algae. Put on a mask and gloves to wipe them down with a damp cloth before starting the cleaning process. By the way wash both sides of the screens. I used a sponge mop to reach the height of the screen. Rinse screens with garden hose. Wipe screens down after rinsing with a lint free cloth, eg., microfiber. Pressure washing the deck is the easiest method for cleaning. Wash after you have used something that kills mold. These products work well after scrubbing the areas of interest with the cleansers and a nylon bristle broom. As for your plants. I would cover them and the surrounding soil with a plastic drop cloth to prevent any chemical contamination!! PS: If that is really algae on the screens, you could see if adding an algicide to your wash water, not bleach, would deter algal regrowth.

    • Rainy Rainy on Nov 15, 2018

      Thank you Robert. Both you and Bijous gave me a far more common sense reply than I was contemplating!

      love this site.

  • Rainy Rainy on Nov 15, 2018

    I was thinking spray mold remover type products but never thought of regular soapy water with a little bleach on a sponge. That makes so much more sense. Thank you both so much!