1. Heart Shaped Scrunchie Storage

This first project was designed by Jess to help her daughter store her scrunchies. She took the screws out of a cheap expandable wooden peg coat rack, then reformed them into the shape of a heart. 
Next, she reattached some of the pegs, joined the pieces together, then stuck the shape to the wall with adhesive tape. This is such a simple and effective DIY, plus it doubles as decor and storage! Get tutorial here

2. DIY String Art

Next up is some DIY string art, once again using the shape of a heart. This time, the DIY-er used a scrap piece of board and used a nail gun to create the pins for the string. She hot-glued the string to the first post, then simply wound the thread around the different posts until the shape was filled. 
This is a great Valentine’s craft to do with kids and only takes around 15 minutes. Get tutorial here

3. DIY XOXO Sign

In this cute Valentine’s decor project, Chelsea used reclaimed wood, string, heart-shaped wreaths, and heart-print scarves (both from Dollar Tree), as well as some red ribbon.
First, she wrapped the scarves around one of the heart-shaped wreaths, and the red ribbon around the other. Next, she cut the wood into equal pieces and tied the middles together with string to get the ‘X’ shape.
This a really sweet and simple DIY that anyone can do. Get tutorial here

4. Driftwood Candle Holder

This next DIY Valentine’s wood project makes use of driftwood. Caitlin found some chunky pieces of driftwood, then used her 1 1/2" drill bit to drill holes in the wood. This creates the perfect shape and size for tea lights.
Then, simply put the tealights in place and light them. The driftwood candle holder can be used as a romantic centerpiece for a candlelit dinner. Get tutorial here

5. DIY Pallet Coasters

This next idea makes for a fantastic homemade gift. Kyle took scrap pieces of pallets and cut them into squares. Next, he used a torch to char each side of each piece of wood to blacken them. After wiping the dust off, he applied a stain, and the coasters are ready to go! Get tutorial here

6. Mason Jar Lamp

This final DIY was made in a nautical style but could work just as well with a Valentine’s twist. To make these romantic mason jar lamps, grab some mason jars, mini wood pallets, and rope from your local dollar store.
Glue the pallets together, add rope, and attach the mason jar. Decorate the jar how you like, place fairy lights inside, then hang them up. Get tutorial here