How to make Fake snow ❄️?

When I was a Girl Scout many eons ago we made some projects with fake snow. Hope someone old like me or young can help. I remember, yes I do remember this. We used Ivory Snow ❄️ flakes. It's a laundry detergent. Not sure if they even make it anymore. We mixed it with water 💦 to make it look like snow flakes. I don't remember how much of each product we used. oh there's that word again remember. HA! HA! We put this on large thread cones we got from the sewing factory in our town. Some sparkles and a star ⭐️ or small Christmas 🎄 ball. We also folded magazine pages and made trees 🌲 and covered them with the snow ❄️ Ok I think that's enough info. Hope someone is out the that knows how to do this. Thanks for letting me share HAVE A GREAT DAY

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