Looking for ideas to turn a pillar into a Christmas tree?

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  • Janet Pizaro Janet Pizaro on Aug 12, 2017
    Can you post a photo

  • Dixie Dixie on Aug 12, 2017
    cord from top to bottom then pool noodles at multiple levels getting larger as they get closer to the bottom. wrap noodles with garlands, or material of your choice, add lights maybe.

  • K K on Aug 12, 2017
    A pillar! How high? How big around? Where is it on your house? Outdoors or inside?

  • Tammie West Tammie West on Aug 12, 2017
    I can't seem to get the picture to attach to this. It's about 14"x14"x8' in our conference room.

  • Cindy Darsey Chadwell Cindy Darsey Chadwell on Aug 12, 2017
    use garland that has "twigs" you can shape!

  • Tammie West Tammie West on Aug 12, 2017
    It's at my office. 14"x14"x8' kinda odd shape for a Christmas tree. I've made a palm tree, cactus and balloon tree, for various celebrations in our office.