Problem: An old, cheap, and fake tree

You’re not going to get that freshly cut in the forest look from a tree that comes in a box. Get tutorial here

Solution: Flock it for a snowy look

It will look like you just took your tree in from outside with this tutorial. Get tutorial here

Problem: Bare Areas on Branches

If your tree branches are missing chunks, there's a quick way to fill in that greenery. Get tutorial here

Solution: Wrap The Area With Extra Wreaths

Wrap cheap evergreen wreaths around the bare areas, to fill the open space in your tree. Get tutorial here

Problem: Bald Spots Around The Tree

Even the best faux trees can have just a few bald spots here and there. Here's the fix: Get tutorial here

Solution: Add Big Ribbon Bows

Fill in empty spaces around your tree with large bows made from gift wrapping ribbons. Get tutorial here

Problem: Bent and Dented Branches

After being stowed or tied for travel, tree branches might get bent out of shape. Do this: Get tutorial here

Solution: Spread Branches to Fill in Kinks

Gently pull the branches apart to space out, reshape, and rearrange the greenery. Get tutorial here

Problem: Tree Is Dense & Tough to Decorate

If this is your problem, you're lucky, but you'll need to find a way to decorate. Get tutorial here

Solution: Take One Section at a Time

Take your tree apart and decorate it one section at a time, with this thorough method. Get tutorial here

Problem: Loss of color

The plastic green just doesn’t do it anymore , and you need something fresh. Get tutorial here

Solution: A can (or three) of spray paint

Make your tree look fresh and green or give it a white Christmas look with spray paint. Get tutorial here

Problem: Sparse And Missing Branches

Your fake tree needs some extra love, and here’s how to do it: Get tutorial here

Solution: Fill in gaps with real branches

You’ll make your tree look fuller in no time at all. Get tutorial here